Sunday, October 26, 2014

Easy Halloween Party

There are a lot of moms who really go all out for parties. If that's how you are and you like to do that, that's great!

I have found that when I spend a lot of time planning a party and I really go all out, my kids don't really care. I always have high expectations about how it will turn out and my kids just don't appreciate what I do. And then I'm frustrated! So I have learned to keep things simple and only focus on the details that matter. My kids always have so much fun at our simple parties and I don't spend a lot of time or money so we all win!

This weekend we had a Halloween party with my kids and their cousins. It was simple, low-key, and inexpensive. The kids had a blast!

This is what we did:
Monster Pizzas
(Click here for the recipe)
The kids had so much fun making their own "monsters."

 Spooky Halloween Drink
You can do this with any drink. I just used soda because it was easier but any drink will work. All you do is fill a plastic glove with water, tie it off, and stick it in the freezer. When you're ready, carefully cut off the glove and place the ice hand in the punch bowl. Sometimes the fingers fall off, like in the picture above, but that only adds dramatic effect. The kids love this drink!

We played two games at the party and they were both very simple and inexpensive. I only spent about $2.00 on ping pong balls that we used for both games. The kids had so much fun playing these games! Either one of these games would be great for class parties.

Eyeball Toss
Items needed:
5 or 6 ping pong balls with an eyeball drawn on each one
2 different size bowls

Each kid will take turns bouncing the "eyeball" into one of the bowls. The smaller bowl is worth 10 points and the larger ball is worth 5 points. The person to score the most points wins!

Eyeball and Spoon Race
Items needed:
2 ping pong balls with an eyeball drawn on each one
2 spoons

This game is played just like the egg and spoon race game. The kids will form 2 lines. The kids will place the "eyeball" on their spoon and race to a designated spot and back without dropping the "eyeball." Then they will pass the spoon and "eyeball" to the next person in line. The team that finishes first wins!

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