Wednesday, April 29, 2015

American Girl Birthday Party

My daughter is really into American Girl dolls right now so that's what she wanted her 7th birthday party theme to be. When I was planning her party, I looked for ideas on Pinterest. There were a lot of really cute ideas but it only overwhelmed me and made me feel like I'm a mediocre mom. I'm not super creative or crafty and I think that some of the ideas are over the top. I don't think it's necessary to serve 10 different desserts at a little girl's party. So I decided to simplify. You don't need to go overboard or break the bank to throw an awesome party!

I found these cute invitations at Amercan Girl Ideas. They had a lot of different invitations on this website but these are the invitations I chose. You can print them out on cardstock and write on the invitations.  Or you can save them to your computer and edit them to add your daughter's name and the party info. 

I'm all about keeping things simple at the party so we served fresh fruit (which was a huge hit with the little girls) and these cupcakes using this recipe: White Almond Sour Cream Cake.

All of the little girls brought their dolls to the party. I planned two activities for the girls. We made blankets and sleep masks for their dolls.
Items needed for blankets:
fleece fabric cut into 14x16" pieces

To make the blankets, cut strips all around each piece of fabric for the girls to tie. The girls will tie two strips together in a double knot so make sure you have an even number of strips. I cut my fabric a little smaller than 14x16" and I think it would've worked better if it was a little bigger. This was a really fun activity for the girls. They were all able to do this easily with little help.

Items needed for sleep masks:
foam paper
string or yarn
To make the sleep masks make a template and use that to cut out masks using the foam paper. Have the girls decorate the masks however they like and then tie it around the doll's head using string or yarn.

This was such a fun party and the girls had a blast! Here are all of the girls together. Yes, I know that's a lot of girls. My daughter has too many friends and I don't have the heart to leave anyone out. So we invited all of them. The more the merrier, right?

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