Thursday, June 4, 2015

Road Trip Ideas for Kids

Going on a long road trip can be hard for anyone, especially a little kid. "Are we there yet?" "I'm bored" "He's looking at me!" are things that we hear frequently while traveling. It's hard to keep kids entertained for that long.

A few months ago went on vacation to Las Vegas. I found some ideas online for things for my kids to do while we were on the road. It really made the drive a lot more tolerable for the kids. In fact, I think they actually enjoyed it!

I found a lot of really cute ideas on The Dating Divas website. I printed the Road Trip Countdown and I used this printable to make different stops along the way to our destination. Each stop was about an hour and a half apart. At each stop I had a surprise for my kids.

For the first stop, I put together these folders for my kids. Inside I gave them a notebook, pen, and some activities to do while we were in the car. I also bought my kids new crayons and colored pencils.
Here are some ideas for the folders:
1. License plate game
2. Scavenger hunt
3. Spot the car 
4. Mad Libs for kids
5. Moms Minivan (more printable games)
6. Printable coloring pages of their favorite characters
7. New coloring books
8. Blank notebooks
9. Stickers
10. New crayons and/or colored pencils

For the next stop, I filled one of the bags with pretzels, portioned for each kid. It's amazing that something as simple as pretzels makes my kids so excited! I filled the other two bags with treats and snacks that they like. It was really pretty simple but they loved it!

My kids were so excited to see what their next surprise was! They were actually looking forward to the drive. It really helped break up the drive and it made it a lot easier. Instead of thinking about how long until the final destination, they were thinking about the next stop which was only an hour and a half away.

Here are some other road trip game ideas:
Alphabet game
I Spy
Would you rather? Here are some funny questions for kids
20 Questions

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